Calling all Artists for Michigan Event

Looking for artists interested in selling their product at an upcoming festival in Downtown Lake Orion. Dragon on the Lake takes place on August 26th and 27th in beautiful Lake Orion. The event… Continue reading

Historic Curiosity Probe Lands Safely on Mars

Curiosity lands on a huge crater and is already sending back pictures. With in the next few days there will be  high definition and colorful pictures available. The images that you will be viewing are… Continue reading

Painter, Illustrator and Graffiti Artist

Aryz is a 22 year old, painter, illustrator and graffiti artist from Barcelona. He creates stunning and intricately detailed works using mostly spray paint and paint rollers. His work can be found on… Continue reading

Photographer Mabry Cambell

Marby Campbell is a photographer from Texas who focuses on black and white fine art photography, as well as long exposure and commercial photography. His inspiration comes from traveling. He captures images as… Continue reading

Ever heard of light graffiti?

Ever heard of light graffiti? It is the use of lights to add effects to a photo through long exposure photography. It’s a pretty cool technique since all you need is a camera,… Continue reading

10 Best Photos From the London Olympics From Saturday July 28, 2012


Final Design of the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

730-hp V-12 Makes F12 the Fastest Ferrari Ever  “At Least for Now”

3rd Annual One Life Photography Competition 2012

The One Life Photography Competition is a worldwide contest for all photographers of all backgrounds, methods and perceptions. The winning award is over $75,000 in cash grants and publicity. This year, competition officials… Continue reading

Photographers Showcase Camera Tricks of Gymnasts from the Olympics